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“I see humans but no humanity.”

– Unknown

We dream of wealth, we dream of happiness, we dream of conquering the world and changing the course of fate. But we never want to walk down the bumping road full of hurdles that could lead us to those dreams becoming reality.We live in a world that has boundaries in every corner of the globe but still it is boundless. We tend to inflict borders on ourselves thus, we fight currently to impose perimeters to a world in which not long ago the individuals fought so that it didn’t have any. We fight nation to nation on the verge of determining who has more power, more control, and more armies without forgetting the proficiency of the deadly weapons manufactured.

We live in a world that our hard work and skills are not appreciated enough, recognized and used to its full potential. We take away jobs from people with prospects and pass them along to people with no knowledge and skills in that respective field, due to the propaganda of nepotism. Moreover we only work when we ask for kickbacks as well as we offer boodles when we want a task done instead of following legal procedures and protocols.

We live in a world that eventually recognizes all religions and beliefs in which any human being can choose from. But we engage ourselves in worthless religious wars and public mockery crusades against the religions that we even don’t understand. We tend to shut our minds from knowing more about the people around us, their thoughts and beliefs and at the end of the day we blame them for being different.

We live in a world that most people around us go to bed in the cold-corners of the streets without having placed a single grain of rice in their mouths. But we go to our warm-fuzzy beds knowing that we just had three spoons of that delicious macaroni cheese and the rest we threw away in the garbage cans. And yet we are filled with selfish-ungrateful hearts to not even care into helping the less fortunate that we pass by when we go to school or work every single day.

We live in a world that has invented phones, social networks, and internet so that people can communicate to each other easily. But in the end it feels like we have been confined in a solitary confinement that is so out of touch. Shadowed behind the screens of our computers, laptops, tablets, and even our phones, we feel estranged from what the world has to offer thus, we turn to cyber bulling others as a way of inflicting our own pain, failures and disappointments to other individuals instead of facing and sorting them out ourselves.

We live in a world that it reaches a time we wish we could be better off dead than being alive. Since the agony of being violated and being harassed cannot possibly fathomed. Women and girls are being taken advantage of in all sorts of violence theatrics; political violence, femicide, child abuse, trafficking…You name it! Not to mention even men and boys are forced to engage fighting in war battles in the exchange that their loved ones won’t get hurt, but we all know how it will all end.

Even though the list could go on and on, I weep for humanity with every ounce of sympathy and tears belonging inside of me. It scares me a lot where this planet earth is going to and frankly the thought of it lessens my hope day by day, that the world in the course of time will live peacefully without throwing tantrums from every corner of it.

Humanity please come back and save this world we’re trying to survive in.



14 thoughts on “I WEEP FOR HUMANITY.”

  1. I love this piece. You have captured so much of our current social issues that people so often ignore due to “looking cool” syndrome that has our youth’s minds so captivated. Our generation have so many talented individuals who have the resources and brains to break chains of cultural imperialism but they tend not to why because they are too busy catching up on the “in thing” which clearly falls under cultural imperialism. Your passion shall burn the roads of success before you and may I let you know that you are on the right path for you like very few individuals in our generation have may say a liberated mind.

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  2. Very, very insightful and poignant! Your entire article, from start to finish, rings with terrible truth . . . truth we need to hear, know, and upon which we need to act in bringing humanity back into the hearts, minds, and souls of humans! Thank you so much for penning such an acute, heart wrenching analysis of our world today. All the best to you w/blessings!

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    1. The world needs to know the ugly truth. Humanity is definitely vanishing slowly and we need to bring it back.
      Thank you for passing by and for your time to reading it.

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  3. Very thought provoking. I live in Pittsburgh and this week there was a mass shooting that took the lives of 6 people. Everyday we hear of more violence in our own backyards but at the same time there are many good things happening that we don’t hear about because the bad gets more air time. Far too many people are suffering and there are days when it appears there is no end to the madness but even so hope is all we have. In hope we can impact change. It is up to each of us as individuals to do our part to bring humanity back to the forefront.

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      1. Yes, you are correct and I’d like to think when writers such as you bring attention to the current state of affairs that people are listening and doing their part to turn things around.


  4. We have to have hope. More importantly we have to believe God’s Word. He is coming back. And, the Bible says “times will wax worse and worse until Christ comes back.” We have to keep showing the love of Christ. For those who choose not to, we pray for those around them.

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  5. I too weep, for I also hope.
    Some things are better than they were, or at least no longer seen as acceptable.
    Bad happens fast and makes so much noise, good happens slowly, in the shadows, but it does happen.
    Weep for humanity, but don’t give up on us yet.

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