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I am back again with another read for you guys, and this time I’m here to share with you my top posts that I have published before in the blog. This read will serve as a highlight on what the posts are about in general. Plus worry not instead of going over the blog and get stuck searching and searching for the full reads, I’ll include the direct links below in each highlight!

So without further ado let’s get to it, right?! Enjoy!

1. I Weep For Humanity.

This article is all about the insanity going on in the world. What promoted me to write this post is one day I was watching news through Al Jazeera, and I saw how reporters were talking about the war going on in Afghanistan. It was so scary and very sad seeing innocent people being involved in the mess that doesn’t involve them at all. So just after that I took my laptop and started typing and typing what I really felt about the whole ordeal. You can read the whole article over HERE.

2. The 7 Best Lessons I Have Learned So Far.

This is on a personal level and from daily experiences. In this post you will find detailed list about the major lessons life has taught me as an individual, not to mention ways on how to deal with some messy issues. Then again in another post I gathered the common lessons on how we can learn about it in Life Lessons And What They Teach in general. It would be amazing to learn from you guys what this thing called life has taught you in the comments section. You can read the whole article over HERE.

3. I Always Fear.

Okay, everyone has something he/she is scared of right?! And to me I have taken the leap and joint them down in a post for you guys to read. Surprisingly, some of my readers can relate to them, and in a way it makes me feel less abnormal about them. (😬) You can read the whole article over HERE.

4. I’m Grateful.

The topic heading explains it all! This is because mostly showing gratitude about something or to someone would not only make others happy and but also personally to say the least. So, guys what are you grateful for?! You can read the whole article over HERE.

5. How To Invest In Yourself.

In this other post I shared simple ways on how you can manage to invest in yourself, and I’m glad it came in handy when the year is just starting. That is to say it’s very crucial to put your needs first and even to think about yourself (#Selfcare, #Selflove). In that way when you get everything almost everything figured out, that’s when it would be easier to extend a hand to others. Let it be financially, with your time, or simply showing gratitude. You can read the whole article over HERE


If you’re new to this blog there’s a Travel section where I have managed to share my travel expeditions that I was fortunate enough to see! On that note, take a look guys!! 

 I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed preparing it. On that note, what posts or topics do you like to see more in the blog? Any suggestions in mind for making the blog more fun? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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