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Weekend is the time we unwind the long week that was ahead of us. And during that time you can either choose to meet up with friends and make brunch or just have an alone time with yourself.

 In today’s post I share with you the quickest and easiest chicken recipes you can make under 30 minutes, and again they are all suitable for brunch with friends or just yourself. Moreover this idea came up when I was watching food network the other day so I figured why not search for more YouTube videos and share them here in the blog for you guys to make this weekend or any other day of the week that pleases you.

Besides personally I find these recipes very helpful and very easy to make since during the weekend I mostly like to spend my day in bed after having a long tiresome week.

Hence, shall we?!

♦ Chicken Kebab:

 Siba is a South African celebrity chef, and I first saw her show called Siba’s Table on food network and from that day I became obsessed with her show. Since she has this charming-sweet energy that makes you fall in love with every bits of her cooking. So here is one of her simple recipe of preparing chicken kebab. It is so quick and easy to cook that anyone can do it.

Sticky Honey Lime Chicken:

 I once made this for my mum and from the first bite she was hooked. The sweet-sour flavor is just everything. It is really delicious and very easy to prepare. 

Chilli Chicken With Ginger & Coriander:

 Who is addicted to chilli like me?! As I always have my meals with chilli in it since it gives a whole new wonderful excitement of savoring what’s on the plate. Even so in this chicken recipe by Gordon Ramsay (Aah-mazing chef btw!) will make your taste buds light up and enjoy every bite of it.

♦ Lemon Butter Chicken:

 For the love of fresh zingy lemon flavor type of chicken this is your take right here.

♦ Juicy Roast Chicken:

 Aaahh, the juicy roast stew looks delicious and I bet it tastes scrumptious!!!

Image Source: Google pictures

So what recipe will you choose to prepare this weekend?

Please let me know in the comment section below, and also if you have tried any recipe here let me know how it turned out.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!



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