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Happy New year everyone! Better late than never right?!

I hope everything is going smoothly at your end. Let’s all start this year with full of optimism and strength in doing/accomplishing our objective-goals we’ve set.

Right, back to the topic of today on how you can invest in yourself especially during the beginning of a new year of which, I believe that it’s the time when we’re all feeling rejuvenated with the energy of starting a new slate and embracing new opportunities.Thus, here are some of the crucial ways that you can focus to change and implement in being able to invest in yourself so as to take better care of your well-being in general.

1. Sleep Well, Eat Well and Exercise Well.

Since the holidays have ended and it’s back to being busy with work or school, you shouldn’t forget to take care of your physical health. That is, you’ll be able to deal well with life especially the time when you have a lot on your schedule. On that note, be sure to get enough sleep, fill your plate with nutritious meals and even if you’re on a diet don’t skip meals but eat healthy food. Not to mention, try to squeeze in 20 minutes workout in your schedule in order to make your day more efficient and more productive.

2. Be Stingy With Your Time.

It’s okay to offer your time in helping other people but if they become possessive or expect more from you, you’ll find yourself pressured and overwhelmed that might cause you to neglect your personal obligations. So this year should be the time you learn to say ‘NO’ when you feel pressured or pushed to the limit. Since it’s not a crime to think about yourself first.

3. Be Thankful.

It’s easy to drift off our focus from the positive outcomes to the negative outcomes in our daily lives. You might not have the best health, the best paying job or ideal circumstances, but I believe there’s likely plenty of good happening in your life, right?! And it’s obvious that when you set aside negativity from our mind and fill that place with positive thoughts, you ought to become a person full of happiness and joy. That’s to say, always be thankful for everything that you have now and work hard in acquiring the things you want.

4. Start Your Own Business.

If your job doesn’t pay well or if you’re not happy at work, remember that you have power over your career and future. You’re the one who should decide on what will make you happy. So you should research on different ways to make your dreams come true. It might involve going back to school and taking a course or workshop, or you can start a business while you are still working full-time. Thus, as your business grows, it might eventually replace your full-time income in the end!

5. Save Your Money.

You ought to know that your savings account isn’t going to grow by itself. So learn how to be smart with your money. There’s this easy way I found on instagram that you should plan how much you want saved up in a year. Thus, take that amount and divide it by 52 weeks so as to know how much you should put aside each week. And I believe that if you’re consistent with this, by the end of the year your goal would have been accomplished. Since, having a savings fund will provide you with a peace of mind knowing that you have cash to deal with an unexpected expense.

6. Learn more

You should never stop learning because knowledge is power! I am pretty sure there’s a course or a hobby that you’re interested in for instance, cooking class, learning a foreign language or to play a piano (of which personally I’m eager to learn it). Thus, make time to explore that interest(s) and you never know you might find out hidden talents and skills that you’ve been possessing all along without realizing it!

7. Take a vacation

If you can’t remember the last time you took a vacation, it’s time to schedule one. Even if you can’t escape to a tropical island like Bahamas, then you can take a few days off from work and spend time at home. You can choose to sleep in, do a series marathon that you always wanted to watch, explore your hometown or do absolutely nothing!

Well to say the least it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life, never put your needs on the back corner but work hard to achieve them. Let this year be different, let this year motivate and push you to your full potential!

So guys, any more ideas or other awesome and cool ways to invest in yourself? Let’s discuss them in the comments section below.

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Wishing you all a productive week and once again Happy New Year!

With love,

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