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I’m Grateful.


I’m grateful for the gift of life,

for I get to see the remarkable aesthetic nature every day.

I’m grateful for the wonderful family I have been blessed with,

for without them I wouldn’t have achieved this so far.

I’m grateful for the few friends that turned out to be family,

for not only blood can tie down the bond that we share.

I’m grateful for the opportunities that pass my way,

for my arms to be able to grab and make use of them.

I’m grateful for the chance of getting education,

for the skills I gained turned out to be a wonderful experience.

I’m grateful for the laughter I induce,

for it teaches me to cherish every moment that I get.

I’m grateful for the tears I shed,

for it reminds me I am human and I can break anytime.

I’m grateful for the good memories,

for they always remind me I was part of creating them.

I’m grateful for the bad recollections,

for they have taught me great life lessons.

I’m grateful for the little that I have,

for that makes me determined to work more hard.

I’m grateful for owning a heart that doesn’t give up easily,

for settling for less is definitely not in my life-goals agenda.

I’m grateful for the faith that I have,

for it gives me hope the Almighty God is always here with me.

I’m grateful that there’s still a lot to be grateful for,

for the list is extensive and absolutely endless.

In short…I’m grateful for everything.


What are you grateful about? Please do share your thoughts in the comment section below!!

8 thoughts on “I’m Grateful.”

  1. Im grateful for …. my amazing WordPress family including you … who appreciate my writing pieces … and who’s writing pieces are so wonderful that whenever i stopped by any of it i feel good …
    Thanks for the amazing feeling
    For the love in your writing pieces
    Stay blessed – neha

    Liked by 1 person

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