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What Is In My Bag.

“It’s what’s inside that counts.”

        – Proverb

We can all agree that there are things we can’t go a day without. So, here are my essential items that I personally carry every time I head out and this time it’s in this sultry brown crocodile patent leather handbag.

Take a look!!!

1. Effortless Midday Fix Up.

  •  Mac Red Matte Lipstick & Eye/Lip Liner Pencil

“Red lipstick is to women what sports cars are to men.”

      – Unknown 

There’s just something remarkable and unique about a red lipstick, unveiling an aesthetic elegance. This Mac matte red lipstick is all about displaying the ideal statement with the touch of a liner pencil (Col M02) curves the shape of the lips perfectly, besides it has Alo Vera along with Vitamin E providing protection to my lips.

Win! Win! HAA!!

  • Paese Matte Foundation 

I have an oily skin and you can imagine applying a liquid foundation on top of it…It’s dreadful!! This matte foundation has helped to control the oily T zone on my face since it has lower water filling to ensure it won’t slip and slide off. I got this baby back in Dubai, U.A.E and it has been my lifesaver ever since plus made my stay  very pleasant since the weather is very hot over there.

P.S. Its very light on the skin and last longer.  Great advantage, right?!

  •  Manjano Powder Foundation & Mac Brush Applicator 

It contains Aloe and moisturizers that provides a sheer coverage for a more natural look with the aid of a Mac brush 150 applicator.

2. Fragrance 

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”

         – Christian Dior

For those who don’t know me I don’t wear floral scented perfumes. Nevertheless the woody-spicy scent exhibits boldness, maturity, not to mention a touch of subtlety and this lover (DUNE by Christian Dior) has depicted all that.

In other words, this is my cup of tea!

3. Keys

On all occasions. There’s this one incident I forgot my keys in the office and the spare key was inside my apartment, you don’t wanna know how frustrating that evening was to retrieve it. But oh well, let’s leave it at that.

4. Hand/Body Lotion 

This should be a daily essential for everyone. The skin is exposed to drying and the harmful Ultraviolet rays from the sun, so by applying lotion it doesn’t only softens the skin but also keeps the body moisturizered.

This BVLGARI body lotion works wonders and the scent is breathtaking!

5. Wallet

Carrying a wallet is a self-explanatory thing. I mean where would the cash and the credit cards be stashed?!

6. Spass Power Bank

Most of the times I’m on my phone either checking emails, on social media lurking, catching the local and international news, communicating with my family or searching for some ideas and inspirations for the blog. That being said, this Spass power bank is always on the rescue when my phone gets drained.

7. Sunglasses 

It’s an addiction. Let it be a sunny or cloudy day, I carry this sunnies always since they’re super chic and bad ass at the same time!

Voilà!, the total package… 

So, guys what are your daily necessities?

Have a lovely weekend everyone and thank you for stopping by.


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