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The Casual Affair.

“Personal style is about having a sense of yourself and what you believe in everyday.”

– Ralph Lauren

I’m here stuck in the bank in this unbearable queue which is moving slowly as a snail not to mention It’s past 1pm in the afternoon and I’m so hungry, craving a cheeseburger so bad. Oh, shit!! A thought just hit me that I can no longer have junk food, since I’ve started going to the gym yesterday and I’m so determined to lose this weight that chose to strike me with it. But oh well, these are the sacrifices I have to make in order to accomplish my goal.Gosh, I wonder why and it’s mostly during the weekends the line gets so long and tiresome. See, I’m back to talking about the horrible queue in the bank. That’s how random I get especially when I am hungry. How more complicated can my life get? So, I decided to write this post to pass time while waiting for my turn to arrive.

These pictures I took them this morning and I absolutely enjoyed putting this whole outfit together. It’s so cold today (don’t let that little sunlight deceive you.), and coming to think of it, it was sunny brightly yesterday. I think that’s what  makes the weather of Nairobi so unpredictable most of the times. You never know when it will pour!

I’m a sucker for denim clothes. No wonder I own most of them. In today’s outfit I have paired a black blazer, a white tee, with a pair of jeans that I love so much, plus those velvet boots that I absolutely adore!! (Thank you Lisa, you’re a gem!!) without forgetting that red handbag of which my beloved mama gave it to me as a gift. I think after noticing I compliment her every time she carries it. HAA!!


Blazer – Thrift

White Tee – Mr. Price

Jeans – Mr. Price

Boots – Gift

Handbag – Gift

Watch – Ann Klein

Have a lovely weekend y’all and stay safe.


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