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In Barcelona, SPAIN

It’s no coincidence that among the foreign accents that I find so romantic and breathtaking, is definitely a Spanish accent. It is amazing and sometimes I get little chills when I hear people speaking it. And hey, one day I find myself waking up in among the countries that I so much love and always wanted to see it for myself…it’s non other than Spain!! Oh, guys Barcelona is beautiful!!! I was so amazed and driven by this exquisite city. The locals over there are so friendly and you can feel the warm energy passing around. But first here some photos that I took during the bus tour of the city. Please enjoy!!!

 The pictures below shows the biggest and oldest church in Barcelona called La Sagrada Familia started being built in 1880s and currently it’s still under construction. I gotta say I have never seen such art in my entire life. The way each detail was curved or sculptured definitely it is tremendous and so remarkable. See for yourself guys!!!

I hope you all enjoyed!!!



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