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Nurture The Soul Of Equality

“We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.”

– Malala Yousafzai

How convenient this day has been, being preparing this post and i also had a seminar class, of which we were talking about women empowerment and I see how relatable it has been. In today’s century this issue of ‘feminism’ has grown tremendously, women are not afraid or scared anymore to give out their views on a certain issues. And I am so glad and proud of that. Though It seems that the term “feminist” is so nuanced nowadays that it can be difficult to tell exactly what someone means when they use it. Does it mean they don’t like men and won’t associate with them unless they have to? Maybe. Does it mean they think women are better than men? I’m sure we’ve all thought that at some point. Does it mean they don’t wear dresses or shave their legs? I don’t know, and I don’t really care about that. I just think labels are meaningless if we don’t know what they refer to. As long as you and I both know that Equality is way important and crucial especially in the world we are living in.

It’s okay not to ‘get it’: If you asked a group of women for their thoughts about feminism, I doubt you would get the same answers. Feminism isn’t easily defined, probably because it means something slightly different to everyone. To me, it means equal rights for women all over the world and a fight against the objectification of women in daily life and the media. That’s what I want to fight for. If your definition of feminism doesn’t fit in with that, that’s OK. If your definition of feminism doesn’t fit in with the famous writer who’s revered by feminists everywhere, that is also OK.

Speak up: Last weekend my friends and I went for dinner, and as we were catching up about what has been happening in our lives, one friend of mine told us that she was nominated to be a chairman in a certain committee… but here is the funny part, some men in that committee didn’t even want her to be nominated because they think she can’t lead because of being a female. This is because the past chairmen where all men, OMG, you don’t wanna know how I was shocked, surprised, angry, mad all at the same time!!! Like dude seriously???? I told her not to hold back, Speak up! This is the same as lets say for instance, someone mentions how selfish it is for a woman to focus on her career instead of trying to conceive children, please speak up! Don’t let the people around you get away with spitting out ignorant comments. Challenge their opinion, so they realize how ridiculous they sound.

Does it really affect me?: I know a lot of women don’t identify themselves as feminists because they don’t feel the need to. They’re not oppressed and they’re not discriminated against. That’s wonderful. If you don’t feel like a victim, I don’t see why you should act like one. But the fact is, there are women all over the world who aren’t granted even the basest of human rights, and that is why we still need feminism.

Educate Yourself: This is February and we all know what is special about this month…and NO, I wasn’t going to say Valentines day (even though it is just around the corner) The biggest thing about this month is that it is a Black History Month. And I am so glad that where I study they take it seriously, even though being an international university. the history of this special theme tends to reach the racial diversity in the whole university. The more you read, the more you’ll know thus, If you want to talk about equal pay or the rights of transgender women, then you need to educate yourself on the subjects first. Pour as much information as you can into your brain.

Men will judge me if I say I’m feminist: I know a lot of men who automatically assume an idea, often negative or slightly mocking, of you in their minds if you say you’re a feminist. This isn’t right but it is sadly true. I know that admitting you’re scared of saying you’re a feminist because you’re worried about what a man will think goes against the very idea of feminism. Unfortunately, that’s how it is. However, it’s also one thing that you really can’t let it affect you.

Women will judge me for my beliefs: Unfortunately, this works the other way, too and personally, I think it’s even worse. It’s by no means a united movement and you don’t know whether you’ll have someone’s support or their condemnation. If that puts you off openly sharing your opinions on the subject, I, for one, understand your reasons.

Well eventually in the end this issue of equality needs to prevail more and needs to be taken very seriously, despite being a big issue among different races, genders, and age groups

There are a lot of things I wish to continue writing and writing, but for now lemme stop here and get back to my school assignments that I have. But I hope you get the general idea of what I was blubbering about (in writing) in this post. Please let’s care and help one another in whatever situation  whether good or bad, small or big; the world is already messed up as it is.

 Have a productive week y’all.


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