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The other country that I was fortunate to go to is France. And definitely you can’t go to this outstanding country without visiting the grate city of Paris… or in other words the ‘city of love’.

I gotta say since I was young I have been dreaming and wishing of going to Paris especially to see the signature piece of the city, The Eiffel Tower. And certainly my dreams and wishes came true.

(Psst, if you believe…you’ll definitely achieve your dreams and goals)

Enjoy the pictures below!!!In Paris.

Heading to climb The Eiffel Tower, to level 3!!!


The pictures shows on top of The Eiffel Tower, level 3. It was so damn, cold up there!!! But the view was so beautiful and breathtaking!!

After the tour on The Eiffel Tower, we went for a cruise ride in the …river. Paris is beautiful and definitely is a city of love, because as we passed by the river, there were a couple getting married along the river. It was a simple and yet a romantic moment that I got to witness with my friends. We waved at them and they waved back, they looked great!!

After touring the city of Paris, me and my friends had plan to go and relax on the beach. Since it was a long day!!

…I am gonna miss you Paris!!!

In Nice.

Below are pictures taken in a city called Nice in France. This place is so beautiful especially the beach side!!!

I definitely enjoyed myself during the stay in France. I can say it was really a dream come true. Now i can tick that off from my bucket list…HAAA!!

Have a lovely day y’all!



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